There are a lot of things to do whether on site or around, here are some suggested activities.

You will not miss an occupation even without taking your car.



You will find more activities  on the nearby activities page

activités nature dans els Vosges

The animals

For the happiness of the little ones!

Jacques, Jacqueline, geese, Bernard and Bernadette, our Indian runners, as well as rabbits, sheep (except summer), guinea pigs, hens

camping qui autorise les feux de camp

campfire night

Marschmalow or Philo ?

The campfire has its role in our quest for simplicity and back to basics, more infos 

aire naturelle de camping dans les vosges

natural gardening

Permaculture & natural gardening

Free visit of the garden, permaculture inspiration, grain library, gardening workshop for young and old, more info

visite arboretum de lorraine

Giant Sequoias

Very, very large trees!

At 300 m from the clearing, walk in a remarkable arboretum where you will find in particular the second highest sequoia in France

sortir en lorraine entre amis

themed dinner

Prepare to pedal!

Several themed evenings in the season, including wood-fired pizza evenings. Atmosphere guaranteed!

lieu coopératif dans les vosges

Wooden Giant games

For the fun of small and tall ones !

Twenty large wooden games for young and old,

Fun  guaranteed !


also playground, board games, ping pong, table football.

eco camping vosges en alsace lorraine

Cycling circuits

hundreds of kms ...

Several hundred kilometers of road circuits, more info and download our routes to your phone  openrunner selection

idée randos pour une famille au printemps

walking tour

Don't forget your shoes ...

I offer dozens of hiking trails, follow this link to see them in more detail and possibly download them to your mobile

camping nature et camping naturiste la différence

Pick your blueberries

Ferme de briseverre, 5 km

Pick your red fruits, several circuits from the campsite

ou dormir autour d'hennezel

Clairey Museum

5 km from the campsite

Discover the past of the valley and the craftsmanship.

Several circuits from the campsite.

ou dormir autour de passavant la rochere

Glassmakers at work

La rochère, 6 km 

Self-guided tour of the oldest art glassware in France still in operation.


parc de la prehistoire darney autour.jpg

Prehistoric Park

Darney, 7 km

Experience prehistory with original gestures. You can make fires, paint on stone, make a prehistoric jewel


candy lovers

Darney, 7 km

Discover the artisanal production of Vosges sweets, free entry.


chevrerie des granges.jpg

Petting goats

Saint Baslemont, 12 km

Want to visit, buy cheese, pet the goats among 4 different breeds.

mettey de la nature au camping

Barefoot leisure park

La chapelle au bois, 24 km

Barefoot leisure park and labyrinths, puzzle games

les 10 meilleurs camping des vosges

and much more  ...


encore plus de détails et d'activités sur la page activités aux alentours

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Why not a vacation in a small campsite?

If you want to spend a holiday on a farm or on a human-sized campsite, you will find what you are looking for in the clearing of verbamont. The family and friendly campsite is managed by a very small team, Christophe the owner takes care of everything.

Children love to take care of animals, feed the duck bread, try to catch a rabbit to pet it or feed it with peels. In the morning you even have to watch the children so that they do not collect all the eggs to give them to their families! Bernard and Bernadette, our Indian runner ducks as well as Jacqueline and Jacquot our geese will pique your curiosity.

At the reception, in your rental or on our electronic or paper welcome booklet, you will find good addresses to buy local products, ideas for walks with the family, walking circuits from 4 to 25 km. So for all tastes, whether you like lakes and swimming, trails to observe animals, places to pet them or the best places to go blueberry picking, everything is indicated and Christophe, your host will be happy to advise you

No rural lodging with us but unusual accommodation which allows a more outward-facing stay. Halfway between the campsite and the guest room, you will have breakfast brought to the terrace of your cabin each morning, but the freedom to cook in the common kitchen area.

A catering service is at your disposal with either the table d'hôte basket, a complete home-cooked menu brought to your cabin, the table d'hote shared with other campers or cabanneurs, or the famous all-you-can-eat pizza evenings. Guaranteed atmosphere! Our products are mostly extra local since they come from the garden cultivated in permaculture and we work with local farmers in organic farming or "reasoned" for meat.

You can participate in the harvest of vegetables or fruits in summer.

You also have the possibility of pitching your tent in the few camping pitches equipped with electricity and in the shade, this will allow you to go on an ecological holiday with a small budget.

Our rentals are open from March to November and we organize competitions in April around Easter, in June around the garden & natural ecological method. Spring is an ideal period to find the fresh air of the Vosges at the end of winter, in the accommodation it is likely that you will be woken up by the birds of the forest, it is bird season.

In autumn, picking mushrooms, grilled chestnuts are activities loved by all, grandparents, parents and children set out on foot from their accommodation in search of porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and other sheep's feet. The colors of autumn due to a forest of mostly deciduous trees makes it a treat for photography lovers.

Find our tips, promotions and special offers on Facebook or Instagram, the link is on our website.

Our availability and reservations are made online directly on our site, Christophe your host is at your disposal to give you the best information in order to calmly prepare your unusual family vacation in the Vosges.

A hiking paradise in the Vosges plain


Live an unusual and unforgettable family experience in the countryside, you will find the space where your little ones can run to enjoy the sun and the pure air in complete safety, for an original weekend or during school holidays

We are located in the Vosges in Lorraine, on the border of Haute Saone and Champagne and nestled in a huge forest of 14,000 hectares renowned for its beauty, the forest of Darney.

A few km from Epinal or Vittel in the small village of Claudon.

Testimonial from one of our clients:

"My wife and I would not consider a vacation anywhere other than the countryside"

“I have always taken my vacation in the countryside off the beaten track, it must come from my roots! We started with a green holiday with the family, then in guest rooms, then one day some friends told us about farm holidays, camping and since then we go camping, the children love it and our budget allows us to go longer like this. Now we only go to very small campsites or discover farm campsites

What attracted us was the human. Contact with the owners and their passion. We really enjoy the holidays on the farm, sharing the daily life of the farmers and understanding the work are important aspects. We also have the feeling of being useful, of helping to preserve a profession, a heritage, a landscape.

Children love this contact with animals and being able to play with simple things, luxury is not a priority for us. The discovery and passing on of simple and authentic things is also an essential element.

Here it is a wonderful place to stay during the school holidays or even a weekend, it is not a farm holiday but we love this contact with the free animals, the great outdoors, the people who are talk to each other and are kind to each other. It is safe for everyone and children can also play with others. ”, Marc P.

evening by the fireside at the campsite