The clearing of the verbamont has developed independently and by pursuing eco-responsible convictions not to surf on the "wave" of eco-marketing but to preserve the health of our planet and ourselves.

Eco-responsibility goes beyond a "professional" commitment. It is practiced at 3 levels: "consensual" eco-responsibility, "productive" eco-responsibility, "militant" eco-responsibility



"The idea is to welcome and share knowledge in 4 areas that I have always loved :

eco-construction, natural gardening, cooking and travel. "

La Clairière du Verbamont, slightly more than a campsite...
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TABLe d'hôte
camping avec toilettes sèches france
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Camping witout cars
cycle friendly
un camping avec feu de camp autorisé dans les vosges, en france
camping sauvage et confortable eco camping glamping vosges grand est

"A green and calm place. This family weekend pleased everyone. The evening meal was excellent. ..."

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"A night in a setting cut off from the world ... a real pleasure. Friendly welcome with impeccable services
Evening meal with homemade products, from the garden in this case. Clean and maintained. Christophe passionate about his work, "

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"A total disconnection, the sounds of the forest, a superb walk and a warm welcome. A stay out of all stress only punctuated by nature and the fire crackling in the cabin, ..."

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Our engagements : 

"Consensual" eco-responsibility, some ideas, ...

By promoting gentle movement, by mulching flower beds, using natural gardening techniques, favoring the composting of your waste and sorting, favoring dry toilets, controlling lighting and night light pollution, fighting against food waste, ....


"Productive" eco-responsibility, some ideas, ...

By practicing permaculture, using hens for waste, building all our huts using local or second-hand materials as much as possible, limiting soil impermeability, using sheep for pre-mowing the campsite winter, ...





"Militant" Eco responsibility some ideas, ...

By spreading our non-hybrid seeds, banning disposable plastic and replacing it with reusable plastic, promoting "human" exchange by creating friendly and shared areas (parent / child play area, shared fridges, campfires, ...), by promoting leisure activities with a low ecological footprint, ...


La Clairière du Verbamont                           88410 Claudon, France                               TEL: 00 33 6 52 06 05 10

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