For almost 20 years, I have been volunteering first as a volunteer around the world for several years.

I've been welcoming volunteers for 15 years who, like me, also want to experience the journey differently ...

This principle is simple, without monetary exchange and allows you to live a unique experience!


If you want to participate,


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Non hybrid bank seed

Faced with the alarming disappearance of plant biodiversity, it seems to me more than urgent to safeguard the natural genetic heritage of seeds developed by several generations.


A non hybrid bank seed is at your disposal, I encourage you to exchange your seeds if you have any (not hybrid).

No purchase obligation, you are not required to stay at the Verbamont clearing,


The Verbamont clearing is part of a reproductible seed exchange network.


2020 project:

Currently in collection, I am starting a mint conservatory, bringing your cuttings .... they will be shared with others ...


La clairière du verbamont has the project to continue to develop and to discover more sustainable technologies, you will find on site: solar drier, solar oven, dry toilets, pedal mill, ...

If you want to share on this subject by discussion or better by developing and creating together, you are welcome

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