Ideas for hikes in the Vosges, a great destination for hikes around a lake or in the forest in the Vosges

Many possibilities are available to you, hikers and hikers will be delighted by the diversity of the landscapes, the richness of the heritage, elevation differences for all levels.


At the reception you will find extracts from IGN maps, plasticized courses from 4 to 16 km from the campsite, marked routes for the Vosges club and the community of municipalities at your service. You can also consult the dedicated section of the tourist office



You will also find gpx traces of the sector around the Verbamont very practical

(the verbamont key is released from all responsibility when using these gps traces).

All in green: Verbamont and Verre à La Rochère

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Small word game for a 21 km course, with the possibility of relay parking to reduce the circuit to 16 km.
Beautiful hike of simple level, possibility of accommodation at the campsite La Clairière du Verbamont, visit of the glassmakers at work in the oldest art glassworks in France, possibility of catering at the start and halfway.

Loop from Henriel to Verbamont

Discovery of the Hutte / Verbamont arboretum with its majestic redwoods including the second tallest redwood in France. This arboretum of North American species was created 150 years ago, it will surprise you with the size of the trees and its position "in the middle of nowhere".

Verbamont Senennes loop

Charming family hike without difficulty, heritage history and nature, on wide path.

Verbamont, Étang Bleu, iron, glass and wood museum

Easy hike where you will pass through ponds and forest. A superb pond with crystal clear water in the middle of the forest to discover.
Stop at the Musée de la Résidence de Clairey to discover the artisanal heritage of the valley.

Verbamont, Moscow, Jerusalem in one day!

A handful of grumblers lost in the aftermath of the rout of the Grande Armée would have inspired a few localities in this corner of the Vosges, between pine forest and deciduous forest, valley and "Moscow plain". The hamlet of Moscow and that of Jerusalem are on the way, a little nod to geography and history. You can leave with your jar of honey from the Miellerie de Jerusalem or sleep in a cabin at the campsite "La Clairière du Verbamont".

From the Ourche to the Saône

Beautiful loop with some steep passages, for lovers of history, legend and forest. Droiteval, Abbey, Notre Dame de Droiteval, the icehouse, ...

Verbamont glassmakers loop in Hennezel

This marked loop was created and maintained by the Club Vosgien and the markup is a Red Circle. The proposed departure is at the arboretum de la Hutte but it is also possible at the Museum of the Residence. Follow the red circle markings.

At la Clairefontaine, going for a walk, leaving Claudon

A beautiful easy loop between water and forest, wide path, crossing several hamlets including that of Clairefontaine.
Attention no swimming possible in Clairefontaine, continue 1 km more to do it in the lower Saône which takes its source only a few kilometers.

You like hiking, you are an experienced hiker or a beginner hiker. You are looking for hiking circuits to prepare your hike in the Vosges. During the Spring, summer or All Saints holidays, a weekend or a weekend in Pont de Mai. My experience of hiking in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland allows you to bring you my advice for routes with magnificent trails and exceptional panoramas.

These trails are created by me and put online on visorando, the site but you will also find the trails of the Vosges club, the GR courses in particular the GR 7 which pass near Darney. Hiking for the day or for a stay of several nights focused on walking and well-being.

Road trip in the Vosges, on the Vosges mountains or in the Vosges plain, you will find a good address at Christophe's to spend an exotic week of hiking through the Vosges.

The unusual campsite la clairière du verbamont allows a stay oriented hiking Vosges.

In addition today, thanks to new technologies, there is no need for a guide, it has become easy to 'orientate yourself using GPS or with your smartphone by downloading the gpx track.

Whether at Hohneck, on Markstein, Trehkopf, Lake Kruth, Ventron.

Or the landscape of the Vosges lakes with Lake Gérardmer, Lake Longemer, Lake White, Lake Black, Lake Bouzey, Lake Xonrupt or Lake Kruth, Lake Lauch.

These circuits in the Vosges mountains, in the Hautes Vosges are rather reserved for good mountain walkers as well as the Markstein circuit, Alsace lake, the valley of Rimbach, the nature reserve of the massif du Ventron, the circuit of the large balloon or of the Guebwiller balloon. These trails sometimes close to rocky ridges with views of the panoramas of deep valleys are splendid. These circuits are reserved for good walkers. You have a median level in hiking, the Ourche valley allows this diversity between history, landscape, valley, steep terrain or the forest plateau.

Indeed the exceptional forest of Darney, famous for the quality of these oaks is an ideal place for the amateurs of excursions in forests of Lorraine.

On this site you will find: information on consumer rights in relation to bivouacs in France, wilderness camping, a natural camping area and municipal camping, the best plans for leaving. You will find all this information by subscribing to the blog of the campsite La Clairière du Verbamont, unusual accommodation and nature camping.

Posts on 4 great hikes to do in the Vosges, Massif des Vosges or plain for hiking?, 3 hikes off the beaten track in the Vosges for a family, go on vacation inexpensively? A weekend in the countryside 1 hour from Nancy and many other weekend ideas for lovers of nature, the great outdoors and outdoor sports.

Why go several days to hike in the Vosges?

There is so much to do to see here, tours, museums, local history, beautiful landscapes, the magnificent starry sky at night in my cabin.

By leaving for several days you have time to decompress, to take the time, slow tourism some will say! Whether it is by traveling over several days or by making loops from the place of accommodation, all solutions are possible.

The simplicity of a hike of a few hours, a meal at the table d'hôte and a campfire under the stars. A simple little happiness.

The easy routes of 4 to 25 km are suitable for all levels, some for those who like to climb, others more peaceful to walk, others for lovers of history, others for those who do not want to see person and looking for the wild. Christophe your host will know how to inform you about the good places to pick blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries, a good restaurant for lunch or even indicate a quiet place for a swim. And for cycling enthusiasts, we are labeled ACCUEIL VELO.

The story of the 3 little pigs


Ourche Valley Loop:


The circuit of the "master glassmaker's treasure".

Go on an adventure with this unusual circuit devoted to nature on foot or by mountain bike.


Loop of 6 caches of approximately 7 km on the path marked round red by the Vosges club. Departure from the Glass Museum of Clairey.

Caches geocaching Clairey la hutte verba

Guided heritage tour

The Association for the Development of the Country in the 3 Provinces aims to bring together people from the Vosges, Haut-Marne and Haut-Saône and through a newspaper, to promote the circulation of information beyond the administrative boundaries of the department and regional.

Come and discover its activities, in particular the guided tours of the summer which will allow you to discover the Country of the 3 Provinces

Path of saint colomban

Born around 540 in County Leinster in Ireland, trained in cenobitic life mainly in the monastery of Bangor (present-day suburb of Belfast), Colomban is steeped in the Gaelic culture and spirituality of his island.

Monk and prophet, solitary or preacher, Colomban does not fear conflicts when his conception of the evangelical requirement is called into question. He clashes with religious and political leaders, particularly King Thierry of Burgundy and his grandmother, Queen Brunehaut.
Condemned to exile in 610, Colomban and his Irish companions then undertook a journey of more than two years through the present countries of France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy where Colomban completed his terrestrial pilgrimage in 615.


It is planned, in the coming years, to digitize the path in order to be able to follow it with a GPS or a telephone.

For more information, visit the Friends of Saint-Colomban website :