Pedestrian activities

Many possibilities are available to you, hikers and hikers will be delighted by the diversity of the landscapes, the richness of the heritage, elevation differences for all levels.


At the reception you will find extracts from IGN maps, plasticized courses from 4 to 16 km from the campsite, marked routes for the Vosges club and the community of municipalities at your service. You can also consult the dedicated section of the tourist office



You will also find gpx traces of the sector around the Verbamont very practical

(the verbamont key is released from all responsibility when using these gps traces).

Around Verbamont, loops from 4 to 16 km


en cours de création, nous y travaillons, patience .....


Ourche Valley Loop:


The circuit of the "master glassmaker's treasure".

Go on an adventure with this unusual circuit devoted to nature on foot or by mountain bike.


Loop of 6 caches of approximately 7 km on the path marked round red by the Vosges club. Departure from the Glass Museum of Clairey.


Guided heritage tour


The Association for the Development of the Country in the 3 Provinces aims to bring together people from the Vosges, Haut-Marne and Haut-Saône and through a newspaper, to promote the circulation of information beyond the administrative boundaries of the department and regional.

Come and discover its activities, in particular the guided tours of the summer which will allow you to discover the Country of the 3 Provinces

Path of saint colomban


Born around 540 in County Leinster in Ireland, trained in cenobitic life mainly in the monastery of Bangor (present-day suburb of Belfast), Colomban is steeped in the Gaelic culture and spirituality of his island.

Monk and prophet, solitary or preacher, Colomban does not fear conflicts when his conception of the evangelical requirement is called into question. He clashes with religious and political leaders, particularly King Thierry of Burgundy and his grandmother, Queen Brunehaut.
Condemned to exile in 610, Colomban and his Irish companions then undertook a journey of more than two years through the present countries of France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy where Colomban completed his terrestrial pilgrimage in 615.


It is planned, in the coming years, to digitize the path in order to be able to follow it with a GPS or a telephone.

For more information, visit the Friends of Saint-Colomban website :

The Vosges club marked out activities and circuits


Navigate the Vosges club website below

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